Money Does Grow on Trees!

Help in Selling your home and…Getting  you into your dreams!
Streetscape plays a major key role in the presentation of your home. When a potential buyer
drives up to your house, you want the outside to be welcome and inviting. So, when designing
your front garden keep in mind this is an extension of your home.
When designing gardens there are many tools out there that can assist you. You can hire a
landscape architect, or purchase design programs for your computer or do it the old fashion way –
paper and pencil. What ever you decide, make sure the landscape design reflects you and your
home. Layering of heights, type of plants and points of interests are key elements to your garden.
You want to have the eye drawn to several appealing areas.

When you design the perfect garden it will aide in selling your home to get the best market value
and sale price. Even the in-experienced gardener will be excited in taking over the garden and
calling it their own. A well thought out garden will be easy to care for and maintain for years to
Plants that are native to your region will always bring enjoyment and pleasure to all ages. You just
never know who will visit your garden!


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