Spring time is arriving soon!

With Daylight Savings and now St. Patrick’s Day approaching, our thoughts turn to Spring! 

Spring is a time where many of us think about what needs to be done outside – from those activities we give up because of the colder weather or because we are tired with look of our yard.  I know for me, this is a time that I start to create the new arrangements in existing gardens and the ones I want to create.  For me, I try to plot out the colours and array of blooms I want to create.  For instance, this year I would like to create an oasis of plants that are native to my region.  Having a special area in my yard that I can plan and imagine the warm weather making these plants grow and encourage local insects to help assist in this.  I know, that I am blessed with a larger than normal yard; but the “normal” yards of today, can have the same feel.  

Always start with knowing how the sun affects your yard! I know this sounds simple, but you be surprised how this will affect your garden.  I have an area, where I grow plants that thrive in  shade and greens are wonderful to look at.  Even planting a herb garden in the area works wonders!  Just because the yard is small doesn’t mean you can’t produce fresh herbs/vegetables!  Potted tomatoes, or peppers add a wonderful aroma to your patio.  Plus nothing tastes better than garden fresh vegies!  If you are looking for fresh fruit, why not plant a fruit tree? You get the benefits of shade and tree ripened fruit!  Growing up with fruit trees, there was nothing better than be able to grab a new juicy pear or apple off the tree.  It is more work, but the benefits out weigh the labour! 

If you are starting with clean palette, build your flower gardens with perennials.  The cost, if you don’t know someone that is thinning out plants can be costly, but will save money in long run.  Build it with height, know how high your plants are to be; and let your creativity grow! Nice part of all- if you don’t like the outcome you can always change it! Your canvas takes on a life of its own each year and will excite you with the colours, fragrance and its depth.  This also helps with the resale value of your home.  The more curb appeal  a home has the better chance it has to entice buyers to dream about their out door living area.    

Also, creating unique sitting areas, gives the feel of a “hide away” within city limits, somewhere you forget the stresses of the day and enjoy the quietness.  These places can be dressed up any way you desire don’t be afraid to live outside!



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